FashionTV Salon Academy- Master Franchise Collaboration

FashionTV Salon Academy- Master Franchise Collaboration

Orissa, India: FashionTV on 28th November 2022 announced the collaboration of its Master franchise project in partnership with M/S Keeves India Comotrade & Multi Services (OPS) Private Limited. The project allows the collaborators to provide licenses for FTV Salon Academy in all of Orissa with an aim to provide large-scale employment as well as to bridge the skill gap between global and national salon tech and professionals. 

FashionTV Salon academy for the past few years has revolutionized the salon and beauty industry by providing a global platform for the masses and innovating new skills as well as techniques in the salon industry. The venture has helped create multiple professionals in the industry and with the current Master Franchise project the company aims to deliver the same level of dedication and service. FTV salon academy aims to provide affordable salon and beauty tech courses that provide the students with an internationally recognized curriculum, that balances both theoretical as well practical aspects of the subjects. 

“The aspect of innovation in the field of fashion and beauty is unrestricted and we have decided to explore that prospect to its limit and define the industry standard,” says Ms Ipsita Mishra, CEO of Orissa Master Franchisee Project.

Mr Jyotirmaya Mohapatra, the managing director of the project stated “ The partnership aims to revolutionize the standards that the current beauty technicians and salon owners currently hold. With the help of FTV salon academy, the aforementioned personnel will be able to upscale their skill and talent which overall will improve their employability and hence enhance the industry.”

The Master Franchise project for Orissa has a two fold ambition, one is to provide a quality course curriculum in the field of salon and beauty to the masses with help of collaborations, and the second is to create opportunities for business persons to invest in the growing field of salon tech education on a larger scale. This beneficent environment is very rare in India’s competitive market. 

The academy franchises provide multiple services along with their salon courses that give a competitive edge to users. FTV salon academy covers the following categories of beauty and wellness tech. 

  • Hair Styling 
  • Makeup art 
  • Nail Art 
  • Ayurveda 
  • Aesthetic science 
  • Beauty tech 
  • SPA Therapies

About FashionTV: FashionTV is considered the founding body for bringing Fashion and beauty content to our TV screens and since its origins in the late 90’s it has created multiple projects in the field of fashion, beauty and aesthetic arts. The status quo establishment in the world of fashion is still held by FTV and has revolutionized multiple trends and styles, time and time again.